Monday, November 18, 2013

More Mundane Than Manic Mondays Lately It Seems ......

I know, I know it's been a while.
No, I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth, it just seems that way.

There just has not been anything going on, I'm even beginning to bore my own bad self.

I'm good, he's good, kittys are good, house is good, jobs are good tho they do indeed suck is what it is.

I haven't been doing any baking lately because I just haven't made much progress on the weekends beyond laundry  , chores and the kindle on the deck with Gracie.

We , the girls and I have developed clearly divided mommy and me time.

Gracie is happiest when she and I have our outside time. She won't yammer longer than about 10 minutes to go in/out  in/out...lather , rinse , repeat.

Boshi on the other hand is happiest when Gracie is out and she has my undivided attention. She makes full use of my lap and is happy to just hang out there. SBHe has gotten better around her daddy since she is used to him giving her treats so she won't run off quite as fast and in fact latgely has been approaching him more..not head butts ( I'd faint clean away ) but the interest is there.

Christmas cards have been ordered from MD Anderson Childrens Cancer project so I will be able to start on them soon, I have the list of things that I need to pick upi for gifts and I need to get that in motion since we and by we I mean my department is going to be very short staffed next month....more so than the norm that they pull. One of the gals husband is  going to have knee replacement surgery so she till be out from the 19'th of December through January 6, 2014..yeezus..2014.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyhoo....the other one has already scheduled 3 days off In December and I am sure that there will be more to come....

Since neither one came to work today and it was not scheduled in a traditional sense . WE ALL know ( the entire office ) knows that Cha Cha won't be in the day after A Texans matter when the game starts. I kid you not. The other one, bum knee clue...I've heard truck problems which happens.

So I am my own department today.

I am one of the pro's from that movie !

Ah...good to be back posting...

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

MASH, honey, Altman style! You know you're up to it, even if you shouldn't have to be.

Calm is good. Glad Boshi is showing interest in the SU! That's pretty big.

Not so calm around here. Annual fiscal audit time and I sprained my knee. Actually strained it (getting up from the table...#!@$!! How stupid is that?!) 10 days ago and it went out on me yesterday. Trip to urgent care and many Vicodin later, I'm finally out of pain. My back, compensating for the leg, actually hurt more that the knee did. Thought I'd work from home today but, news flash, Vicodin and work don't mix. As one of my fav people would say, le sigh.

The kittens are good. Young Buster is really coming around. Lets me give him tummy rubs now so he and Rupert should be ready for adoption soon.

Enjoy the quiet. You know it won't last long. We're a mess... we're bored when things are too quiet and complain when they aren't.

The perfect world is a dream our primitive cerebrum keep trying to wake up from. LOL! Name that movie! ;-D