Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shiney !

I was jammin around Facebook this morning ( oh like I am the only one that does that at work..yeezus, if you believe that , you need to amp up your Klonopin pronto)..anyhoo....I found the above off a Dr. Who page and hopped over to Mr. Linky.

It's friggan perfect.

The Tardis and a black kitty.


It's 8 .5  x 11 inches so it's not super big and I have an idea where to put it on a small wall in the hallway or where MONA used to be in the bedroom so I am a happy girl.

I have been looking for art work for the house ever since the renovation and I know that I have some small  Real Musgraves somewhere but the Tardis/kitty is the first thing that I have seen that just spoke to me in that little demented voice in my head that said " Buy me now bitch ".

Yes, sometimes I let the voices win.

I will find what works for the guest bath sooner or later, I can't describe what I want but I will know it when I see it. I operate on instinct in a lot of my life and for the most part I've been pretty happy that way, it's kept me out of jail amongst other things...

Now all I have to do is find the proper mat and frame.

Note to've b een asking about Christmas prezzies for Moi and since you did such an outstanding job on the real Musgrave....just an idea honey..

Have a great Friday.

Aunty Pol

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