Thursday, March 05, 2015

Double Chocolate Pound Cake ~ AKA Potential Birthday Cake ----

Double Chocolate Pound Cake

I can always count on Miss Janet over at the " Dying For Chocolate " blog to give me the vapors at least once a week.

As I have gotten older, much of the sweet tooth bit has faded..salt is now a more dreaded enemy but I would make an exception for chocolate dipped potato chips..Lays...not kettle style....not that I am picky by any means.

Anyhoo...the chances of me getting my favorite cake (s) are slim at best because they involve 7 Minute frosting which is a complete pain in the ass...yeah...Angel food with 7 Minute frosting and Hersheys syrup drizzled from the top......yes..there was a frosting mix in the early 60's that combined this in fact...It was Southside Johnny's first birthday cake..I have pictures....


Coconut cake.


The problems with cakes are that for the two of us...unless one of us takes the leftovers to work, the cake dries out before we get around to polishing it off....and no...pound cake does NOT translate into cupcakes...the batter is way too dense .'s am break time and I am hungry...good thing I have some trail mix stashed in my desk..a small amount ( less than 2 TBL.) takes the edge off.

Have a great Friday Eve and slap Mr.Linky to get Miss Janet's recipe over at her amazing blog.


Aunty Pol

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