Monday, March 02, 2015

Just Another Manic Monday

March already ?

Sheesh !

I need to check this out because I just saw it in passing ..but is it this upcoming weekend that we " Spring ahead ?" Didn't we just to something like that ? Of course no two clocks in the casa say the same time so I live by "ish" time.." It's 10 - ish ". .......close enough gang , close enough.

As is our norm, it was another rainy misty crappy weekend so I caught up on sleep and binged on an all day Dr. Who marathon on the beeb . He and I are relapsing with these damn colds , I think his never really cleared up and he needs to go back to the doc , but I'm just the wife...and my sinuses are fubared unless it needs to be done, forget it. Yes, I kept the nail appt that I bailed on last week because I can't go over 3 weeks....but other than that....nada.

No one is going to  die if I don't vacuum when I feel this run down . Yes, the kitchen will be kept up - ish but other than that , pfft .

I can't get into the garden yet which is something of a blessing because I lose my mind with the pruning and don't have the umph yet. I need new gloves and there is a lot of clean up that has to be done not to mention Mr. Trejo mulching before I can floof all of the pots on the deck. True spring is hard to come by down here so I try to enjoy it as much as allergies allow.

Gracie is hissed off because we won't let her run amok and she has a newer trick.

She now stands in the middle of the hallway or any given room and yells ( meows ) at the top of her lungs for however roll over and go back to sleep....Mama for the win...

 Have a good week.

Aunty Pol

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