Monday, March 13, 2006

RIP Jakey Jay

Well kids, for some reason the old blog Pol's Pearls is fubared, and frankly I am out of patience. It's probably something I have done...which will make sense in a minute.

SU and I had a loss this weekend. Our "Son" , Jake or Jakey J died. He was first and foremost the most loving male cat I have ever known. And that says a lot. After Bubba Chuck died, SU and I decided to adopt 2 more kittens. A new baby always needs a sib of the same age to buddy up with if being introduced to a house with older kittys. Well, we adopted Munchkin from Pet Smart's PAP..Volunteer Animal Rescue, along with her brother ET. Sadly and unexpectedly, ET did not make it , failure to thrive is what I think it's called . The Vet had this orange marmalade long hair male about 14 months old. The poor lil guy had some minor health issues so ..he was not easily adoptible. Except to us that is. Off we trooped...our new family. You see, SU had cats and I brought in cats, a real feline your's , mine.....and now ours. Tra la la ...Happy family one and all. Because they were so close in age, and brought in together, Munchy and Jakey immediately bonded. You couldn't find one without the other. I honestly cannot recall ever, ever seeing them fight. Kitty Wrestle ..of course. Fight...nope. They slept together, ate together... When we took them to be spayed/neutered , we told the Vet to put them in 1 cage in recovery . He must have initially forgotten, because he made a point of telling us when they were released that they carried on until united. Told ya. A few years later, we brought the triplets home. We were down to TJ, Jakey and we had room. After all , they have their own bathroom, bedroom and generally speaking the run of the house. Xena and Boshi loved their big bubby. He was the best bed pillow in the world. And he and Loki...buds.....

Jakey J was a pretty big boy, and we felt his weight could be a problem so we put them all in the Iames multi cat reduced diet. And he trimmed up, but with a long haired cat , sometimes it's hard to tell. Last Week, we noticed he'd dropped a lot of weight...too much too quick. We saw this on Thursday and when we got home was worse. We took him to the Vet Saturday. There was a tumor in his stomach that the vet felt fairly certain was an aggressive cancer. Inoperable . And my boy was in pain. SO there it was.

We are just heartsick over this., it was one thing when we lost TJ. We had prepared for this and discussed it. She was 21, and lost some other way to say it here gang...bowl control. So we did the right thing. But Jakey J? It happened so quickly...boom. Munchkin has begun to figure out her bubby is gone, the triplets too. They started to look for him yesterday, and Big Daddy no longer has a buddy to nap on the sofa with him.

Jakey was smart as a whip, loved a good game of fetch and his daddy. When he was young we had a stuffed flying pin attached to an elastic string and the entry in to the hall..Yes.."Pigs in Space " . If you bopped it to Jakey, he'd sit there and bop it back..somewhere between volleyball and tether ball. Friends got the biggest kick out of this. He also knew how to turn on lights by getting up on the bathroom vanity and grasping the switch with his teeth. Now before you get all freaky on Ol Pol Mom's and Dads know it is virtually impossible to keep a determined cat off targeted counter space. Our house is an older house and SU closet has a built in that we figured out had a shoe storage shelf. Jake used to love to get into the closet , jump to an appropriate shelf, grab on to the string for the light bulb and turn it on and off and on and off ....He hated a closed door of any kind. We had the old fashioned door handles for a long time. On schedule at 2 a.m., Jakey would reach up and hit the handle with his paw....Bangadah
Bangadah,,Bangadah till either his Dad or I would get up and open the door. The contents behind the door was not the prize...getting your trained Mom or Dad to get up and open the door was the object. Man, was he pissed when we replaced the handles with door knobs.

There will never be another boy like Jakey J....ever. And I miss him more that I can say..and Big Daddy .....fergit it....he's in no better shape that I am.

If you are a Mom or Dad of what ever variety, and you think about your babies , say a prayer for Jakey J....It's appreciated. PLs forgive the spelling..I'm having trouble reading through the tears as it is.

Aunty Pol

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Boschka said... review jake was 16 weeks when we brought him home..