Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Some Things Are Just Flat Out Wrong People

As usual , it is raining like all Billy Hell as we say down here. Don't ask me why we say that , I neither know nor care who Billy is or why he is infact in hell..! But it is raining. People, this is not a new thing. It rains before Mardi Gras/ the Rodeo. It rains at 4 p.m. as you stand in line for the park and ride to zip your butts back home. It rains after you have washed the car, watered the plants /yard or just gotten your do done. This is especially true , if you and your life partner of whatever format have a function to attend that night. The more formal the function , the higher chance of rain. It is neither good or bad , right ot simply is.

But, there are some things that are just Jeebus H wrong. As Easter approaches and the stores are all full of candy, baskets and some truely terrifying rabbits..( If you don't think a rabbit can be terrifying..access your Netflix account and order " Night of the Lepus" staring Rory Calhoon and Janet it , I dare ya..!)...People..Peeps are YELLOW ! Not Purple, lavender, mauve or lilac. an egg yolk, margerine, the bloody phone book cover.....YELLOW.

It's bad enough that as soon as the Labor Day weekend is over, the stores will start the holiday displays. I ignore most of it as I shop on line...try it , you might be suprised....but PURPLE Peeps ????.............Oh HELL NO !

Speaking of Easter, it is all Aunty Pol can do to stop herself from purchasing some lil outfit for the Princess..aka Cutest Baby on the Planet. God, the outfits are soooooo cute. My brain just melts in a puddle..worse than ( yes, shameless will make you smile on the worst day of your life.) I will resist..I will be good....I will resist.,..I will be good...eyes are crossed now...I will resist...I will be good...

Chanting now dahling..( Wink to SIL) ...chanting

Remember..Purple Peeps are just WRONG !

Have what ever day you feel like....really,.......go a head.


liberal army wife said...

peeps are just wrong... i'm sorry. nasty nasty nasty. Here, it's not raining yet, but the driveway is boggy. frost is out of the ground, almost, the snow is melting. Oh yeah, and the dog doesn't like getting her paws muddy.

Boschka said...

Oh O'm not saying I like peeps..I'm a chocolate know that,,I'm just saying that purple peeps are wrong.

Poor Lexi..such a delicate flower