Friday, March 31, 2006

Sigh..I wish I was suprised by it ..but I am not.

Well, I should have seen this coming. MIL is going to be in the Rehab facility for two more weeks. Spouse refuses to refer to it as a nursing home. Like that is going to make a GD difference.'s his Mama...his call . I just hope and pray that this is not going to be the beginning of a road I dread for him . Now all the times that the co-workers here at the gulag asked .." Is she out yet...? " " How long will she be in?" make sense in a fearful way. I have heard all too often lately of their plight, trauma and eventual acceptance of putting their own beloved parents in a facility. Wracked by guilt, they stand helpless as the face that loved them, cherished them , chastised them and raised them , no longer recognizes them. I cannot imagine their pain. would be worse than the finality of a parent dying. That is agony in itself, been there , done that. But to watch the day by day slow death of a parent...I would weep if there were any tears left. Do me a favor kids. If your parents are still alive and in good health , reletively speaking for their age and circumstances....the next time they just work your last nerve over some trivial BS...let it go. Be grateful that they are still there to piss you off. Cause you are surely gonna miss even that when they are gone. Trust me on this one.

And then there is our wonderful guvmunt. How many of you blew past the lil bitty article on page A10 of our local paper ? . Evidently, the guvmunt has in it's infinite wisdom and grace decided that our troops cannot purchase their own body armor. Seems the guvmunt is worried that an alternate source might not offer the same level of protection that Unca Sammy's does. OK...Calling Bullshit on this one right here and now. The guvmunt is not supplying troops IC with body armor as it is. So GI Joe or Jane, just swimming in the excess that their allotment provides every month , can just buy their own ? How do you tell your spouse that the amount of money they had planned to spend at something totally frivilous the commisary now going to have to go for a vest ? " Gee..lemme think this through for Jr. or you getting your head blown off....Aw hell...lets just toss a coin on this one. "

It is enough to make me weep.

Hsve a great weekend...Aunty Pol is off to get the do done...

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