Thursday, February 01, 2007

Adios Chica

One of the nicest gals I have ever known is flying the coop. She is a paragon and a paradox among her profession . An attorney with a heart, a soul and a sense of humor. I've been in this racket , oops " professional atmosphere " , for 25 years now which is more or less half of this old gal's life . Miss Wendy is that contradiction that is the rarest of rare, a nice gal . Too often in this elitist mens club they call the Law, you are doomed to toil away for those who must retain their power at the expense of others. The petty , the vain, the arrogant and completely abusive . It is the nature of the beast and the sooner you accept that the better off you are. Wishing for a brighter day or justice or a voice of reason is a complete and utter waste of time. The powers that be are just that and you ain't them , not by a long shot.

And yet....

There are those who value the quality of their life as opposed to the quanity of their posessions . They see that a kind word has value on it's own, that most folks are decent sorts given half a chance and that helping others is an obligation ...not a punishment . She is one of those . She has chosen to go to where the Bluebonnets are going to bloom, where the pace is less manic and where the quiet of a spring day is as glorious as any music ever recorded.

You will be missed more than you know my sister .

Be as happy as you can be, you will always be one of the good guys ..or gals as it were.

Adios Mi Amiga

Aunty Pol

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