Monday, February 26, 2007

Enough is enough.


I never thought I'd hear the SU and I say this but.......

There is no freaking way that we are going to pay what they want for tickets to JB .

True or False :

1. We are die hard Parrotheads.

2. He hasn't been here in three or 4 years.

3. We never , ever , miss his show.

4. We have ALL the cd's.

5. SU remembers when he opened for Jerry Jeff Walker.

6. SU remembers when he played Liberty Hall.

7. Even Dad knew who he is.

All true.

That being said, he is coming here to perform April 21 at Minute Maid Park, aka the Ball Park. Yeah. The Ball Park. Now , in previous years he played at Little House with a Pavillion . We always bought hill side seats..have old quilt..will travel. If you have ever seen video of his concerts, yes, SU and I are among those on the hill sides dancing and singing our little brains out.


According to the paper, tickets are either $86.00 or $126.00 PER TICKET.

You heard me.

And there is a limit of 8 tickets per sale. Lets do the math here . Eight of the cheap ones comes to ....$688.00 . Eight of the finest kind comes to ....$1,024.00.

Plus sales tax.

Plus service charges.

I know , I know, SU and I are only two people. So the cheap seats would set us back $172.00 .

Plus sales tax.

Plus service charges.

Better seats would be $252.00 .

Plus sales tax.

Plus service charges.

Minute Maid park is built for baseball.

Lather, rinse , repeat.


I can only imagine what the acoustics or lack thereof will sound like. Not to mention the visuals.
Bear in mind that SU and I are two middle aged old farts , so it is a given that we don't see really well. Blind as a bat comes to mind. If I am going to pay that sort of loot, I want to see the thrice damn'd stage. With our fabulous luck, we get the nose bleed seats where the free gift with purchase is oxygen and a mask .

Let's not even discuss the price of a beverage or munchies.

Believe it or not, when we would go to see Da man, I'd be the one not drinking, ....AT ALL. Anyone who knows me knows that I am the last person you want to see trying to make her way to the porta john............IN THE DARK . All of our friends know this and are used to it.

I don't have clue one what promoters are thinking . It's not that we cannot afford the tickets ....WE CAN.

I just simply refuse to pander to this form of being completely ripped off.

Even by you Jimmy....even by you.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol.


According to this mornings paper, the ballpark is going to allow "tailgating " for the first time. Big Woop . Parrotheads will tailgate, allowed or not. The PT's have decided that they will sell parking spots for said gating. Each car spot is $50.00 or $75.00 a throw. If you have an RV , you gas hog you, a spot will set you back $75.00 per spot.


Just another reason the SU and I are not only " No" but "HELL NO".


Countess Entwistle said...

Boshers, that's nothing. The Who (yeah THE WHO) are coming to OKC (yeah...two and a half FREAKIN' hours from where I live) and...I'm probably not going to be able to go because ticket prices are insane. *cries*

Aunty Pol said...

CE...Hey Babe

Heard Dat . It's not so much the money as the delicate flower can still rant. Miss you and BT..hope all is well. G says he's still got a cold shiner in the ice box for ya.

Miss you ...miss the thrice damn'd game...come on WOA 4.0

Love ya

Countess Entwistle said...

Well...(and don't spread this around as I don't know for absolute certain yet)...I may just join WOA (or re-join...whatev). I'm looking into getting myself another job because the current one has just gotten far more insane that I care to tolerate. If I can find a job with normal hours, I just might have time to play with you guys again. Lord knows I've missed you all.

Aunty Pol said...

Hey CE...Mums the word.

I need the gal pal back so we can kick ass. Rael diesn't know it yet but Lone says that if I want I can take back House Moritani. I am still dissapointed how the BG's turned out. I really put a lot of work into them...sigh. I will be the biggest bad ass "delicate flower on the Fief..heeeee."

Love and Hugs to you and BT