Friday, February 23, 2007

TGIF Y'all

Happy freaking Friday .

It's been an interesting day here . I always get such a chuckle out of " Go Texan Day" here in the city. It is time for the 75'th Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo , so of course all sorts of OMG..he/she is actually wearing THAT >????????? goes without saying .

In all fairness, the HLSR does a hell of a lot in the way of providing monies for scholarships to deserving kids in FFA and such groups . These kids pour blood , sweat and tears into raising and showing their animals for this one event. These kids are all good kids, dedicated to the responsibility of caring for their animals and bust their lil butts in the process. Besides, the baby animals in the pens and the petting areas are just soooo damn...." Awwwwww", that you can't help it.

On the other hand, wild herds of Buckle Bunnies are in their annual migration and so without further ado, I give you Aunty Pol's PSA .

" Be on the alert for the wild Buckle Bunny. This migratory nocturnal creature moves in small numbers in seemingly random patterns . Do not let their hap hazzard movement create a sense of false security. Once they have spotted and marked their prey they will risk life and solar/acrylic nail to bring down their chosen target . They choose their protective coloring with great care and may be identified by their distinctive bedazzled patterns. These patterns may serve as a method of blinding their victims. This tactic is commonly known as either being " Beer Goggled " or more commonly , " Bambi In The Headlights ".

Consider Yourselves Warned.

Have a great deserve it.

Ciao and Adios

Aunty Pol.

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