Tuesday, January 20, 2015


It's been so gloomy weather wise that I thought this gif would be cheery. Besides, who am I to pass up a Janis quote ? She was a hell of a lot smarter than people gave her credit for, bad life choices aside.

I felt bad for the hubs last week . He had some time on the books at the end of the year and he could take a certain portion ....so he did.....and spent the entire week at home sick as hell. Congestion, cough achiness the whole package. So there he was with his soup while I was at work ...like I said , I felt bad..up to a point.....and then I got run down...brilliant move on my part.

Now , in my defense , I really do love the old fart, but....the coughing all night kept me up even with him being across the hall in his room.

Ok....this is how this works at Casa de Swamp..we have separate bedrooms and have for quite a long time.


There , I actually own it.

I am a light sleeper .

I can hear Gracie with out her bell and collar.

He sleeps like the dead .

In order for me to get any sleep at all, he is in the guest room...commonly known as his room. This has nothing to do with the state of our marriage thank you very much, it is simply a need to get some sleep. We both work 10 hour days and I am not a napper per se. If I can manage a nap on any given Sunday , I am overjoyed, If I go to bed too early, I wake up at 3 a.m.

Unless like tonight and most of the week I suspect, I will be crashing early.....my sinuses are in overdrive. Between the furnace because it's been cold and me being unable to sleep in an overly warm house, I am pretty much screwed . I felt bad enough Saturday to  postpone my nail/facial appointment to this coming Saturday and slept until 2:30 Saturday afternoon, re-chrashing at about 6:30.

I am not one prone to making New Year's resolutions. I ,  for myself believe that they are an exercise in self defeat. It's almost impossible for most people and by this I mean me to be consistent in drastic changes. Hella yeah , we /I mean well but after a week..two tops...I just shrug and go " F dat" . Not really the brightest thing to do but I am honest about it.

I am more at the point at the approaching age of 60 ( egad) of actively listening to what my body is saying without arguing about it with myself.

Yeah, me and the little voices in my head are a fun bunch.

Don't  be all judge-y  the above border line bad taste comment above. I was married to a paranoid schizophrenic and survived ...so yeah, I am allowed some sick humor now and then .

I'm just run down enough to realize my pillow and my water bed are calling my name.

The weather was 77 degrees today finally with some sun and then it's gonna drop down to the 40's again for a few days..which means Gracie will be po'd about no Mommy and me time on the deck and I will fight the crud.


Aunty Pol .

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kleinwort said...

Hey honey! Tell SU he had company! I took off Xmas thru the 2nd. My only vacation this year - rest was spent w/Dad 'cause of his health issues. Guess what showed up to visit on the 27th? And stayed past the 2nd? Yup! Officially the flu (yeah, I had the shot for all the good it did) with the added bonus of pneumonia!

When I showed up at urgent care on Sunday to get something to help me breathe, they called the EMTs on my ass. No frackin' way said the girl who has never gone against a medical directive. (The EMTs agreed, btw. Said I'd wait hours to be told to go home and sleep it off.) They called because my O2 levels were low when I arrived. No shit Sherlock! I. Can't. Breathe. That's why I'm here. Took a shot of an inhaler... didn't even really open me up much. And guess what? O2 levels back to normal. *sigh*

I laughed when you 'fessed on the bedroom arrangements. My sister and BiL, too. Like forever. Same reason. Except she sleeps like the dead, and he wakes up when the leaves rustle too loudly. She says it just gives them twice the canoodling space. ;-)

Fun fact, when Joanne Woodward was asked the secret to her and Paul staying hitched all those years, she replied, "separate bedrooms." Said they'd had them their entire marriage.

Sorry you're fighting sinuses again! I do know your pain. Fingers crossed it doesn't linger on!

Hugs to you, Gracie and SU,