Thursday, February 05, 2015

As Expected..

Anyone who has lived down here long enough knows that our cold wintery bullshit starts right about now ..aka the week before Mardi Gras starts in NOLA . It can be 70 degrees the day before and BAM >

There it is.

It's currently 45 degrees, misty, half ass rainy and just plain nasty out there. People already drive like shit most of the time and when you add in the major bits of construction in Houston right now , the entitled asshats all come out to play, especially around the GRB ( George R. Brown Convention center. ) . Rumor has it that the plan in to turn it into a completely pedestrian/foot path area because hey that always works out really well. Throw in the construction for the light rail and then top this all off with the's no wonder I close my eyes a hell of a lot ...and no...I am not the driver . It has been said that this is all being rammed through in preparation for the Super Bowl here in 2017 . Yes the money would help the local economy but really ? Yes, the oil industry is laying off people because anyone with half a brain would realize that there would be a price to pay of the barrel price went down far enough.

I can hear the peanut gallery..." Woo hooo , cheap gas."

Shut it .

Yes, cheap gas is great , my husband is happy to not be payhing as much but the flip side...?

People are losing jobs in the oil industry, either through termination or lay offs . the effect is the same.

So what  ?

Okay....when you lose your job , you lose the ability to participate in the economy in the most basic ways. No, I don't mean that you can't go to Carrabas. I mean that going to Kroger is about to become a new skill set. Retail sales..forget that income. IF you are lucky enough to have savings, you are more worried about keeping a roof over your

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