Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Colder Than A Well Diggers What ?

When I moved down here to the Gulf Coast eons ( 33 years ) ago from the Pacific Northwest , I quickly got rid of all of my winter togs.

Gulf Coast = Warm, sunny days so I thought .

Reality = Humidity and hurricanes which is fine since I had been through much the same in Virginia Beach as a teenager . When you are young, you don't notice the humidity except for the extra oil slick that is the absolute bane of any teenagers life...or so it seemed. You don't worry about staying hydrated because you are just too damn busy being a teenager and pissing off your folks ..or was that just me ? We ignored sunburn all too often and thought..we have forever to enjoy all of this.

And now it's February down here in South  Tejas.

And colder than a well diggers ho-hah..and by that I mean that it was snowing in Huntsville north of Houston, snowing north of Ft. Worth, DFW shut down and I am sure that it snowed in the Panhandle.

IE it was 34 degrees at 8:21 p.m. last night here in  town..and Gordy and I live 25 minutes north of town aka where this shit gets colder.

Now , we are used  to the hurricane season, we can predict it and pretty much track it. We know what to do, how to prepare and survive it. And..if you think survive is a bit of an exaggeration , google photos of Hurricane Katrina and Ike...I can wait...

I will take a hurricane any damn day of the week over this cold.

We don't as a rule have a lot of snow plows and frankly 99% of the folks down here can't drive in rain much less icy roads .

First and for most , it's just killing my left hip and leg..yeah..the combo platter...polio and arthritis.

Secondly, no one really has the wardrobe for this unless they snow ski. You can't find winter sweaters that work in the corporate world even with a  business casual dress code ( whatever the hell that is ) that work ....at least I can't . Yes, I can afford cashmere but I can't wear it..wool makes me nuts.

Layers are great, but meh.

I feel like I an wearing the same pants, sweater and jacket w/Shawl thrown over it every day !

I am tired of this crap. My body is embracing hibernation and I am bored  with it.

I want color, I want to plant geraniums,.....I WANT MY SANDALS BACK !

Wah !

Thus endeth todays rant.

Stay warm where ever you are .

Aunty Pol

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