Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Here We Go Again.........

Once again the sick bug has stricken the  casa.

About a month ...yes...MONTH ago hisself started that nagging cough, sore throat crap and we thought oh well, this too shall pass.

Or not .

It never was the super fever sort of thing, more like when my sinuses flare up or it's allergy season, aka 360 days a year down here. Unlike Moi, he hasn't been as congested as I am apt to be but the cough is an all nighter.

I consider myself lucky to have a husband who is more prone to actually going to the doctor in comparison to yours truly.  I spent the better  part of my youth in various hospitals here and overseas for polio treatment so understandably, ...Dr's...." F dat  " .

Both he and  I are beginning to suspect pleurisy , again. We hadn't been married for more than a few years when he was stricken  with pleurisy. And I am not being overly dramatic with the use  of the word stricken.

He was sick off and on from October through the end of March that year.

Mardi Gras in 10 days is looking shaky .

Now it's the monitoring of the meds...he has certain issues that I am on the alert for .

I think that I am going to cheat and take a Tylenol PM after NCIS tonight so that I  can get a head start of what ever sleep I can grab.

Stay warm y'all..it's a bitch out there .

Aunty Pol

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