Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sharknado 2 : The Second One

I am one of those folks who watched the first movie more than once and just flat out loved it . I love bad science fiction B films..not the gore fest popular today and not horror films.

Freddy, Jason and Chuckie can go take a hike.


What I love are films that have humor.

Also known as anything with my boy Bruce.

Brain candy.

Like badly edited martial arts movies.

" Dialogue, dialogue, scowl, angry face, more verbiage....".

Translation : " No ! " .

I fell in love with the first Sharknado because no on involved took it or themselves seriously. They weren't so self aware about it that it insulted the audience, it  was  more .." Hey ..this shits gonna be a hoot ..lets rock this ."

Much like " Bubba Hotep".

Sharknado 2, The Second One ..or just S2 was the same with the added bonus of many cameos. In the first 5 minutes you had Robert Hayes ( Airplane )  as the pilot...Kelly Osbourne as a flight attendant and The Wheatons ( Yes................both Wil and Anne - bonus ! ) get eaten by sharks. Sharks that were flying through the air in turbulence, hitting the plane..actually more like taking bites out of it..and so on.

The cameos were wonderful :

Robert Hayes
Kelly Osbourne
Wil and Anne Wheaton
Billy Rae Cyrus
Downtown Julie Brown
Kelly Ripka
Her co  - host whose name escapes me
Al Roker
Matt Lauer
The black business man from " Shark Tank "
Judd Hirsch
Robert Klein
Andy Dick

It was wonderful !

Bonus..Chainsaws !

SyFy will be running both again this weekend...look out for the bits where Nova in the first one actually explosion jumps in her escape before the actual truck ignites.


Happy Friday Eve

Aunty Pol