Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Progress AKA It's Not All A Lost Cause Yet .

We did a little survey of the yard this weekend when I had to show him exactly where I wanted the three rose bushes planted. Seems that there are more that need to be replaced, I am weary of giving these sorry shrubs " one more chance/year."

There have been years where I have not been as diligent with the Miracle Grow for roses as I should have but overall , they are all fed on a pretty structured basis. They were pretty when SIstah and double Oh came out for my 50'th birthday but since we haven't been exactly spot on about amending the soil itself..there are time you just have to say buh bye. I have had some partial luck with the Jackson Perkins but I want to see the damn things, I have zero , zip , nada luck with bare root and it is only in the last couple of years that JP has begun to sell container roses. We had some that we found years ago at Sams that came in a biodegradable box but those have disappeared . I need to go out soon before Mr. Trejo remulches but I guess if I have to , we can get another couple of bags of red mulch and re fluff new plantings.

I am happy about the Jasmine being okay, hopeful about Andy's Plumbago and praying that the Tree Of India comes back. We are going to have some cooler weather but not freezing soon ( Rodeo an all ) so I am hopeful. I need Geraniums, Pentas, Rosemary, Coleus, and so on for the pots and I want to get out there before Easter and or the next pretty weekend. I think Easter is later on in April and I am usually fully insane by then so...I am taking the first week of April off and really hope to play in the yard, weather permitting. All I have to do is stay off the lap top on the dining room table..lol.

Ans yes....he is still home sick with this cold. NyQuil dropped his ass like a bad habit so he did get some sleep...yeah.

Gonna be a LONG week.

Aunty Pol