Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Sun Is Actually Shining ~ Huzzah ! ~

I guess in a lot of ways it's time for me to pull my head out of the sand....okay..that does in fact sound better than out of my ass...just saying y'all..just saying.

I really had not put it all together even as an abstract how much  I have let my lil blog go.

This last 16 months or  so have been the insanity of the in place renovation and then the Bridge issues so I guess in more than one way I just shut down.

I did go back into the archives of the blog because I was looking for that damn orange yogurt quick bread recipe and as I surfed , I realized how much fun I had. Yeah, there were times like now when the weather has just been awful..okay..yes , I know that it has been no where as bad as either of the coasts but we have had freezing weather for 3 damn months people.


We get hurricanes and so on...not this crap.

I never used to understand how it really used to affect SU....but I do now if not completely, at least in a largely better way. In part because I have been sick for 2 ( TWO ) damn months with sinus issues and just the over all fall out of losing all three of them last year.


Enough I say.

I will find that recipe and start making messes in the kitchen.
I will blog when I want to blog and I miss it so lookout . I will tell you that you will see photos that have been copied/pasted used again , possibly with new topics and hilarity...if it's good enough for Truedeau to re-run stuff...I can tweak stuff too.

I will actively look for stuff for the garden and not faint at the thought of labor it will take .

I will remind myself that spring will come and all will be well.

It's gonna be just fine.

Aunty Pol

Spell check is still f'd up so just go with it.