Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Doesn't Matter IF The Glass Is Half Full OR Not, I'm Still Likely To Drop The Damn Thing.


We have had rain for 3 days.

The picture above is a mind version of what we have experienced.It was solidly green/yellow from Huntsville downward earlier and I've heard we have more bands on the way.

Thunder and lightening have woken us all up at 4 am and frankly scared the whiskers off of Gracie Marie. the roads are a mess, people are driving crazy. Like throwing a chameleon into a bag of Skittles, they have no idea of what to do except panic.


And of course hisself is off this week. I guess he will be able to amuse himself .

It's medical appointment at the Casa for him, Gracie Marie and Southside Johnny so that should be a lot of fun and of course my youngest brother has himself all worked up because of the weather and the fact that we have lawn seating tickets for Jimmy Buffet tomorrow night.

Psst....John...Calm your ass down, I can't control the weather.

Sorry Dude.

On the upside, they found Madame's collar. I hope my brother wasn't too GRRR on the phone with the Vets.

You piss off my Vet, I'm sure as hell gonna be pissed at you .

It is what is is.

Aunty Pol