Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Who Knew This Was A Thing ?

Who knew this was a thing ?

All y'all know my passion for anything creamsicle.

Real creamsicle.

Like the Bluebell flavor that comes out every summer and I allow my self to have in small doses , fully knowing what it will do to my system.

And white chocolate..lets not forget that part.

Or anything orange, especially combined with chocolate, tho I have to say that I was oddly disappointed in the Lindt Orange Chocolate Truffles, don't ask me why.

Anyhoo..over at Plain Chicken , a blog that I read daily, Miss Stephanie had a post for creamsicle cookies.

And hisself is playing golf Sunday.

Dude..I am soooo doing this.

Check out the recipe and her blog at :


Oh and yes we got rain from midnight through about 8 am.

2.8 Inches.

More than we have seen in 2 years.

And..yes..Madame is not happy.

She hates wet paws.

I only hope it washes some of the pollen away.

Aunty Pol