Monday, May 05, 2014

Happy Cinco de Mayo AKA Boy , Am I Glad This Weekend Is OVER !

If it could go wrong, it mostly did at the Casa.

The weekend started out innocently enough. Lovely weather  and my usual paws and claws big deal . I knew that the shop would be slammed with Mothers Day being this coming Sunday . I am never in a hurry or pressed for time at the shop because this is my time for me so I hang loose Mother Goose. Then my favorite tech that I always book with implies that she may not be there soon so I gently let her know that it she is doing something that makes her happy , it's all cool with me . Unlike the crap with One Allen and Supercuts which I have been going to for cut and color since it opened and they are closing it at the end of the year...GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR..but I have a backup thanks to Jere so that will all get sorted.

The days mail is on the dining room table and there it was.



I opened it and proceeded to flip mah shit.

To sum it up:

" Yo deadbeat...This is your guvm'nt. Your sorry ass didn't file for 2012 ."

Oh Contrare Mohair, I most certainly did too "

I grab the files , realizing that I have got to get into that top drawer and sort that shit out...and find the copies that I need including the white bit that USPS date stamps when you send certified mail. Can I find the bloody , thrice damn'd green card pertaining to that particular certified mail ?


Every other green card from every other certified mail..but not the one that I need.

After sorting it all out, I made an adult beverage and went out to the deck to wind myself down ...and remembered that Southside needed a return call..which I did...and his news set my ass down.

Surgery..minor but still.

He is fine...but let me explain.

As is his custom, it never fails that Southside Johnny will text me when I am at the shop..indisposed...and thus I let him know where I was ( if not , he will and has in the past blown the f out of my voice a quick test saves a ton of agita.) . I called him back and he  informed me that he had to have some surgery that Thursday...!!!!!!!!!!!..........but all was fine now. After I peeled myself off the deck ceiling he told me that all was okay and the problem was being treated and he was a big  boy ( age 54 this year ) and since he was sort of sedated at the time ( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) they did the turn your head and cough polyps..all good.

Sunday :

I get up and more often than not hisself has been baking something so it's always a surprise.



"What's in the bowl in the fridge honey ?"

" The meringue that broke down."

" Bummer."

He went ahead and made cream cheese frosting and then informed me that Jere had been by because their freezer next door was DOA. She and I personally think Cindy Lou Who left the door open as she has done before but done is done  so mine is stuffed in the garage. Sometimes I think they have more in ours than we do but what the hell.

After a bit he goes to meet up with the Motley Crew and I see that BBCA has the extended directors cut of Dune.starting at 3 pm.

Shai day is saved , my groove is on and everything was right in my world.

I do my laundry, dust, hoover, clean the kitchen and mop the floor. Now he had bought roast beast for dinner , Bless his lil heart so I am on it.

Floor mopped..check.
Roast in over...check.

I wondered why my toes were wet as I stood at the kitchen sink cutting up spuds for the dinner/carnage of le beast.


The pipe /gasket thingy on the non disposal side was leaking.


I figured out exactly where it was coming from because I am smart like that.

Righty it.

Or not so much.

Drip...drip.... F  F  F  F

I get the spuds sorted, spuds on the stove, cleaning products on the top of the dryer and towels under the sink .

Hisself looked at it and fixed it but it's one of those dealios we are super alert to now.

Monday never looked so good.

It's gotta get better.

Besides..cats in sombreros for the win !

Aunty Pol