Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our Lil Girl ~ UPDATE ~!

Alrighty then.

Gracie Marie is going to be okay. Dr. Simon called and said that they were able to clear the colon blockage and she used a litter box at the Vet on her own . Her blood panel came back okay with regards to the hyperthyroidism issue but the white cell count was really high due to the infection due to the wound on her chin/lower jaw. She's had saline and antibiotics via drip and they will be checking her blood pressure and the heart murmur on a regular basis. That bit really doesn't overly concern me because she is after all 15 years old.  She has 2x daily oral meds that we have to give her and she will be getting fish oil once a week to avoid another blockage.

She is of course glad to be home but miffed that Uncle John won't let her out.

News flash are going to be an indoor kitty for now.

I can breathe now.

Her daddy can breathe now.


The Mama.