Monday, May 12, 2014

Just Another Manic Monday .

Actually, for a Monday it's not really been all that bad thus far ...and I say that fully aware that it could go sideways at any given time..whatever.

We were a  bit about the child last week but she has perked up . It seems that she has pollen issues like her mother ( I am NOT making this up ) and I could tell just by looking at her. She wasn't eating nut taking her usual gallons of water ( sparkly clean water at times Mother if you please ) but after a bit of bed rest ..her idea trust me, she appears better.

I can fully understand and have for the most part called a truce with the sinuses. I take my Zyrtec and pay attention to the pollen count...they gently advise me when I need to crash right after work. I no longer fight the ..." No...I'm gonna miss something..", I just DVR the hell out of stuff and crash as needed.

I embrace naps as a luxury now on the weekends. I savor them because I have the hardest time falling asleep unless I am really feeling like crap..when that happens I can and have slept over 13 hours straight and nothing can wake me. You could have a second line brass band and ..nope...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ .

I've spent the last few months being very angry about this self perceived loss of control over my like and it can be overwhelming if you are an A type with control issues and a tad of OCD , but as I have come to terms with the hell that we know as spring allergy season, I have come to realize that this won't last forever and I am not alone in the praying for rain. .

Anyhoo..Hisself had a blast at the annual Art Car Parade..( google it, it's hard to explain other than Art - the more out the the better + the idea of homemade auto it...I don't even know where I am going here with this one). The parade draws over 350,000 spectators and I was amazed to learn that the entry that Doug the Brookfield Property Locksmith /Mechanical Building Jedi designed won first place for Corporate entry. And it wasn't that extreme !

And I am  going to make Southsides day since I found a recipe for Biscoff cake in a mug...we do love our Biscoff.

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol