Monday, February 18, 2008

Adventures in Shopping - NOT

Today was a complete waste at the office , considering it was a holiday we did not get....ahem ..power that be please note....we did NADA.... ziltch.

Just Sayin n All.


Um..if any of the dear readers are of the male persuasion..leave now . Go grab a beer, the remote or what ever. SU doesn't count, he lives here in a casa where his gender is greatly outnumbered .

Onward .

I told the SU that I needed to trot over to Jacque Penny tonight after work..skivvies were on sale for me. I had the coupon in my lil fist, style number for bra's..I was locked and loaded . I didn't think that the Mall would be crowded and it mercifully wasn't. Off I trot to the proper dept ...only to discover that my favorite style had been re done under another label . Fine. I am a bright woman and can figure this puppy out. I had even recently been fitted at Dillards and contrary to most of us gals , was right on the money.


Not so much.

I find a close aproximation..finally.

Bear in mind , I am a middle aged woman . I do not need the stripper model . I dont need prints, lace, spangles, froo froo or deployable air bags.

I just need a new bra with straps that do as they are told. This is not a lot to ask in my opinion. Really..not a cosmic leap . I grab my usual size and go into the room of doom. This room I have been told has aspirations of growing up and becoming the dreaded 360 degree room that Stacy and Clinton use..rumors being what they are.

Crap. Okay fine, I need a new size under this new label. Okey doke. Can do. After what seems ages, I find it sans clerk, which is not her fault, poor thing was the only clerk on duty during a bra sale for cripes sake, I felt she deserved a beer or a medal or a foot massage at least.

Huzzah..not so much.

Out of eleventy eight bazzillion bazzonga holders on display..they ONLY have two in my size..the generic most popular cheerleader who blows the whole , entire football team size.



Panties a plenty ala problem.


I need a bra that will keep the wonder twins more in the range of my ear than my elbow, and I am aware of the effects of gravity. MY desired size doen't require 3 inch padding..middle age has taken care of that quite nicely, thank you very much.

By now, I am hot, tired and just want out of the maze.

The two things I hate to shop for more than anything on God's Green are jeans and bras. When I find a pair of jeans that are the proper length, I have been known to ask the gals at Dillards how many pair they have for this size and style..I have been known to buy them all on the spot.

I told SU that one of these weekends ,I am going to go to Dillards and take the time to find what works..that I like, sale or not and buy more than 2 friggan bras.

I won't go to Vickies..I refuse to pay $50.00 for a full coverage bra..and if they are on sale..( that's gonna happen) size pffft.

Why is something so damn'd simple so friggan hard ??

Anyone ? the back...?

Have a good week.


Aunty Pol

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