Monday, February 04, 2008

It's 2008 ~ Lets Get Our Rant ON


We had to go to Kroger tonight, the larder had cobwebs . The kittehs were fine. The Beans needed a provision run . And it's been one of those Mondays..after stoopid bowl . We got home about tact, but dear..some one had to clean the tarte pans so that the princesses and their brudders did not snap to the fact that there was a chocolate residue....good for us , not so much for them . And I Know that you are still adjusting to the braces so you uudies hurt..yeah....welcome to my world dude .

Moving On........

So there we are. I usually give him the list , the coupons and my atm. This time I wanted to go in as the whole chiggins were on sale for .69c per lb..too cheap to pass up but I still gotta look.

We hadn't locked the car before we saw some young Momma...Ms Thang...2 kids in the buggy..third beside her hanging on to the handle...hopping his lil ass off on one foot........and her ass is on the cell phone.


Three minutes I promise you we are in the store and .." hear that ? " was the migration of the Howler Monkeys.


Run Faster

Run Some More.

WTF is wrong with you people ?

You have no concept of proper public deportment..look it up.

My mother , like you , was a single parent for long stretches , and the worst was..Daddy was deployed so she did it all. When she went to the store, or commisary that was the time she could call her own . Peace and quiet. Either the Gablers, Carrie and Earl...or Cindy Bassone ( before the divorce from John ) or Betsy Ostereicher or the older Brown sister babysat. There was always someone to tend the kids.

And don't tell me Miss Thang, that you don't have someone to do that.

That is bullshit .

And if we ever dared to act up that would have to pray that the drive home was longer than it was . Mom would never address it in public if we acted up..much less Daddy...if he was there, but BY got the look.

You have no concept of how inept you look, how pitiful the social skills , if you in fact understand the concept...that you are showing those babies.

You get what you raise...and I would like to feel sorry for you made this choice.

Hang up and be a PARENT , you Troll.

Rant over


Aunty Pol

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Susan said...

Amen! I have a cell, almost never use it. If it's an emergency, call 911. Otherwise, it can wait. I do take my kids, but when they act up, we go home. The end. We should all get one of those doodads that cuts the phone off. Yeah, that would be niiiiice....sorry. lol