Thursday, November 17, 2011

Logic, OWS And The Lack Thereof .

I have been watching or following the whole OWS from the beginning.

The Genesis as it were.

And I came to an interesting conclusion.

In my opinion and I am not above noting the screaming irony here ( Uniform Cap Tip To Daddy) , that it is clear to me that I have harbored a misconception all these years.

Like many of my generation, I had romanticised the concept of protests.


Civil Rights.

The ERA .

I believe in civil discourse.

I believe in civil assembly.

These two things may be considered civil disobedience if they are kept CIVIL.

It is a fundamental right in a working democracy to be able to disagree , to protest with out peril of punishment.

It is one way that a civilized society sets themselves apart from other forms of government.

Apart , not above.

I sent a friend of mine the above " Deep Space Nine" jpeg because he and I share a love of science fiction among other things and I knew that it would make him laugh. Gene is one of the few lawyers that I actually like after working in this industry for 30 years because among other things , he respects my intelligence and warped sense of humor .

Low and behold , this jpeg set off a shit storm on Gene's facebook page because two of the people that he was having a conversation with started foaming at the mouth when he asked a simple question. They couldn't even see a question had been asked..they just went bat shit crazy.

I had pondered the same question myself.

" What is the goal of OWS and these protests. What is their position and platform. If they have questions, do they also have potential answers.?"

Yes, they as citizens have the right to assemble and protest.

CIVIL Assembly .

They seem to be neither civil nor assembled.

If they put the same energy into seeking answers..positive actions and responses , that they are putting into getting media attention...I might just develop some respect for their position.

And no, I am not on Bank Of America's side or any other corporations side in this issue.

I am not holding my breathe.

Carry on Gene..


Aunty Pol

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