Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Way Things Really Are.

If you substitute the word " Cat" for " Toddler" , it really is self explanatory, at least in our house...just ask any one of the feline overlords.

I can't really pick on them because they know that their Mommy has been sick with allergies ( thrice damn'd ragweed) and so they are very me , love me, I'm not in your path( except for Andy and he gets a free pass right now ) ....and more .." Oh , you need us in your lap."

I am so tired of being sick.

Now I am at the point of not being as sick as I was and just feel crapp-ish.

Everyone is all whoopydishit about another brief weather change where it you can actually wear a light weight sweater and not die..but give me a break.

Yes , this is nice after the summer of OMG drought we had but please.

When this happened last week is when I got hit with the " Feel Like I'm Fixing To Die Rag", ( Thank you Country Joe and The Fish) .

By the time I got home last Friday after sleeping the whole 25 minute ride home, I washed my face and teeth and crawled into bed by 7:30 pm.

And woke up at 11-ish am on Saturday morning .

Fifteen and a half hours.

And felt worse..'

And went was back in bed by 8 pm.

Thankfully , SU did what laundry needed to be done.

I was so bleech that I did not care that the cats had again as is their habit thrown up their food in the dining room and hallway.

That in itself is a minor miracle, but given the fact that I had JUST cleaned the dining room carpet the previous weekend...the fact that I didn't get pissed off briefly as is my custom let me know that I was feeling more than puny.

The hard part is the lack of energy but worse yet is the cough.

I can't seem to get under it.

I'd just gotten over the flu ( 3 days out of the office which is honestly unheard of for me ) and I think that I hadn't really gotten over it completely before the allergies slapped themselves on top of a middle aged body with no resistance.

I had no idea that I had been sick for the better part of the month of October until I looked at the stats for the month on the blog.

Yes, I put up some cute pictures, but not written a lot.

Very few recipes..

Yep..not my best month.

And when the hell did it get to be November ?

I don 't get all giddy about Christmas.

We don't have any bipeds.

And I have struggled with it since my father died 8 years ago this coming January.

But it had been getting better.

I refuse to be sick for the holidays because that will trigger the depression faster than all get out and I don't want to be like that this year.

I tease SU every year because he is the Grinch..but I do really struggle with the holidays.


I will get mo bedder .


Aunty Pol

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Dzoli said...

Could be man too.I am not really in Xmas mood around Christmas but just simply because I remember European Xmas and winter and where I live now it;s middle of the summer