Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Well it's Friday !
Woo Eff'ng Hoo !
And you thought I wasn't going to post a picture of The Bruce ?
Really ?
I have no  immediate plans for the weekend other than nails and hair and that is just fine. The flower beds look outstanding except for the fact that I am telling all y'all right now...If I catch the lil tree rat bastard who has taken it upon himself to dig holes in the beds......say your prayers and pay your insurance RODENT !

I mean it !

It all looks grand and I have high hopes for the star jasmine so we shall see.
Each year the yard gets a bit simpler as the heat continues and I am already having to water the Hydrangea every other night...I know , I said that I was going to get rid of them after last year but some friends gave me a massive one in Mary's memory and it was so sweet that these goober friends of mine actually remembered that I do love Hydrangeas ( I kid, I kid, I love all y'all...than k you notes to follow ) ..that I had to plant the huge ass white one in the front bed and then of course I had to go out and buy a second once because the bed was lopsided and that's how I roll...which reminds me that I am damn near out of bloom booster from Miracle Grow..our garden is large enough that one box is just one weeks application by the time I get to all of the beds and the pots....

Le to Chrome Depot.

Aunty Pol

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