Thursday, April 19, 2012

What Passes For Normal In My Life ....LOL

I'm back.
This is the longest break that I have taken from this blog in 5 years.....!
It's not been intentional , it's just trying to get a routine back after 2 weeks of OMG " Run Like Hell, Going Bat Shit Crazy !"
Live at the Casa is falling back into place, the children have graced us with prezzies on the carpet that I spent 2 full days cleaning ...yeah  I love the irony too.
And as usual , I find a food related post so......say it with me....
" Spank Le Linky "  to learn more about one of my favorite food groups....JELLY BEANS !
Oh and for the record, my favorite are the black ones....I LUBS Black Licorice. !

Enjoy !
Aunty Pol

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