Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm Going To Have To Hide From Lady Lisa ! ~ LOL

I'm going to duck under my desk after I post this because a certain sistah on the East Coast will murder me.
Lady Lisa , you know I cannot resist anything resembling a Bundt cake...and this one has cream cheese in it.
Of course , me being me wonders if a good size dollop of the Philly chocolate and chream cheese yummy goodness that Philly has just come out with would also work....oh hella yeah it would.

Go over to " Cookies and Cups " for todays post.

The only problem is that neither SU nor the girls are all that fond of Monkey Bread, and I honestly can't eat it all by myself...not that I wouldn't's just way the hell to much of a blood sugar drop for me , I don't need that headache.

Aunty Pol


Lisa Kleinwort said...

Oh, just ducking won't do! Run, woman, run for your scurvy life!

Yeah, I went. Yeah, I copied. Yeah, I will hate you with every breath I take until I can make this.

And share it with my good neighbors, 'cause you live to damn far away!

Lisa Kleinwort said...

Oh, did I mention it's good to see you again, sweetie?