Friday, April 27, 2012

Like Worf Says " Perhaps Today Is A Good Day To Die ".

Yes Lady Lisa, I  am quite prepared to die.
It will be worth it for the chokes.

I found this recipe on Pinterest ( sort of ) of all places.
Yes, I am one of those , it's fun.
And pretty.
And it has pictures of Ozzy .
And food.
And cupcakes.
And shoes.

Anyhoo , I found the picture among one other that I will post next, and me being me , decided to check it out .

Funny thing though, when I find a new blog, I check out the authors linkys and the " about me " part and something struck me.
I have been guilty of this too .
Blogs are like snowflakes.
Some I admire like PW or IBKC or Space Paws are beautifully set up, on the main topic more often that not and could in fact be categorized very easily.
Cinnamon Girl had a bit in her about that was a tiny bit sad almost.
She said that she started the blog to help her cope with a difficult situation at that moment in her life and that she was straight up embarrassed about some of the early posts.
I found myself saying out loud " Honey, it's your damn blog, you have nothing to feel embarrassed about."

I used to feel that way also.
I want this blog to make me and who ever is reading it feel like we are at the Ice House of location of our choice, having the beverage of choice, just shooting the breeze.
Sometimes it's the cats.
Or the husband.
Or food.
Or shoes.
Or science fiction.
Or Books.
Or Ozzy.
Or the rant of the day.
Or venting about whatever we need to vent about amongst friends and partners in crime.

So, never know what you will find here.

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

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Lisa Kleinwort said...

Oh yeah, dear. I saw these post last week. Computer had a wonky pass, and then I got busy, or I woulda slammed you then.

Seriously though, woman, I love the posts. Soon, looking at food is all I'm gonna be able to do because I need to trim the orange body down to at least a pear. *sigh* I do love to eat.