Monday, April 23, 2012

Yep, It's That time Of Year !

Heh,'s that time of year.
We planted Star Jasmine on the side of the arbor opposite Andy's plumbago..where the Mandavilla tried it's little heart out but couldn't tale the heat. I cheated this year, I bought a 5 gal. size in the hopes that the larger size will have a better chance of establishing itself before the heat again this year. I was entranced with the Star Jasmine in San Francisco and remembered that Mom and Daddy  had Star Jasmine on a huge trellis that Daddy built outside the master bedroom of the Claremont ( San Diego ) area house...if it can make it in San Diego, it should ( paws crossed ) be okay here.

Onward...I planted 6 new Geraniums and Rosemary and replaced the dead Esperanza which evidently pissed off the fire ants so we both got bit up a bit and fired back with toxic avenger style ( I AM kidding here ) fire ant crap. The local gardening guru Kathy Huber says that " Fire Ant's aren't without benefit" if you can get them to stay in one area..I am NOT making this up. I can see it now :

Dear Mr. and Mrs Fire Ant,
Please pick a spot and stay there. In return for eating all the other insects such as aphids etc,  we promise not to napalm your humble abode but be bitey and all bets are off.

Kindest regards to all of the 87 billion family members.

The Management.

Yeah , right .
I did manage to throw out a bunch of crap that was back there on the patio such as the good ( over priced) solar lights that aren't worth a hummingbirds piss and much as I hate to say it , Walmart's 2 bucks a throw are just as good. I'm less likely to get pissed off when one of Mr. Trejo's crew messes one of those up than the pricey ones..yeah..been there, done that .

Other than that , it was all outdoors weekend at the Casa, the inside will get done, even the kitchen floor will be moped.

Tonight, I am hopeful that Mr. Trejo came buy and mulched/cleaned out the flower beds..paws crossed. I will hopefully be on the patio with the Kindle.

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol

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