Thursday, April 19, 2012

RIP Johnathon Frid .

I loved " Dark Shadows " .
My oldest friend and I would race home after school to catch it , no excuses.
I loved the two movies that followed and I have the remake with Ben Cross on DVD which was quite good.
I loved Johnathan Frid to the point that his cameo was the ONLY thing that would induce me to see the latest remake...maybe.
Barnabas Collins as Beetlejuice ?
Really Mr. Tim Burton ?
Shame on you Mr. Burton  !!!

" Dark Shadows " deserves better than that crap you are abolut to foist on an unsuspecting audience .

RIP Mr. Frid.
You will be missed sir.
Aaunty Pol

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Lisa Kleinwort said...

Oh, we are of an age. In the last years of DS, we got stuck on split shifts and had to got to school until 4! Best friend's mom kept a journal so we girls wouldn't miss out. (Wonder if she still has it!!! I must ask!) It was a happy day when we were home to see an entire episode.

Got to see Mr. Frid up close and personal when he toured with Arsenic and Old Lace. Larry Storch, too. Was very cool - the show was great and they both were quite nice to fans! Didn't meet the ladies, though. Goggled the duo just for kicks and what do you know:

Perhaps you'll get a smile from these DS blooper reels. Filming live made for plenty of them:

A little stage hand with your drama, Madam?

The curse of the fly. Who the hell am I talking about? And recalcitrant props.

They teach us to stammer and talk over each other in acting school. Sound and cinematography are arts - or not. More prop malfunctions. (And my favorite blooper of all at ~ the 2 min mark.)

And more of all of the above (except the fly). Appropriately tied up with closing bloopers.

In his later years, he did some readings for his fans that have been filmed.

Indeed,RIP, sir. And thanks for the memories!