Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Y'All !

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving this year.

SU is going to his sister's sister in laws...don't ask...and I will be home buried under covers since I have some sort of kill me now respiratory thingy going on and I am NOT going to expose my frail lil mother in law to this shit.

Let me put it like this....I have come home every night this week and been in bed, face washed, teeth cleaned by 7: 20.....and we get home about 7.

I am oddly enough not running fever, but I sincerely feel like krep and it doesn't help that the two I work with have each taken one of the days off this week and it's only Wednesday....oh yeah.

I doubt that SU will be coming home with a plate for me which is fine...I'd comment further but he does read this...there is plenty of vittles in the freezer so all is well. Judging from the state shall we say of my bee gee's....I could stand to skip a fork or three.

That's just as well since we just got the invite to a birthday par tay for Mrs. Crazy Cajun. This blow out starts at noon....and all y'all need to know is as follows :

1. Sistah hits the big 5-0 ( Book 'Em Danno)

2. She's married to the Cajun.

3. See the above.

It this is anything like the beloved childs high school graduation...jeebus H.

And I have no idea what to get

Talk to you later from the Casa...

Hugs to PG...Miss Lisa, Calamity Anne , Sarah, Aimee, Nee Nee, Lael, Double 0 Mullet and all the fur folk.

Gobble Friggan Gobble Y'all.


Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Workin' my way down dear... lotsa catching up...

First... oh, nooooes! I hope the dastardly bug has released you from it's grip!!

Second, that commercial was a stitch... and did you peruse the other 1950s gems in the related videos column? I gotta go back!

Third... hope the freezer held up to your needs. Confused, though... was sistah's b'day that same day, though? Did ya go?

Hugs, hugs!!