Sunday, November 01, 2009

OMG - It's Bloody November !

Happy We All Survived Another Halloween People !
Mea Culpa for the lack of a Bruce of the day on Friday. I took the day off and with one thing and another never got the chance. That plus the fact that most of the photos are on the office pc.....well.....I'll double down next Friday...m'kay ?
After a year and a half, the SU prevailed over a completely bogus traffic ticket so we are pretty pleased that he doesn't have to keep taking yet another day off to fight the damn thing .Talk about a pain in the ass......!
We spent most of yesterday cooking....woo hoo.
We got to break in the dutch oven with PW's chili recipe which was great, and then of course had to do the stuffed Japs and I went ever so slightly nuts with some marinara, Italian sausage and capers of course so we have both lunches for each of us for the next week and some for the freezer in the garage.
SU has the coffee table completely stripped down so now all we have to do is go and pick out the slate for the top insert..hee hee...I only had to bitch for a couple of years...totally on course for us.
All of the kitty's were kept in last night and for once, thankfully there wasn't a lot of firecrackers in the neighborhood so they didn't get all freaked out. SU went to his favorite IceHouse and I stayed home to watch us get absolutely spanked by Notre Dame...dammit....!
Other than a promised cheesecake for his office, it's a lazy day. The weather for us is a lot cooler which is pretty weird but no rain...we are saturated at this point.
I'm off for a mani/pedi so have a great week.
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Jealous, so jealous. I need a mani bad!

Firecrackers on Halloween??? Thank heaven that hasn't made it to this part of the right coast!

Mmmmm... sounds warm an yummy. Did my first savory oatmeal (onions, garlic, smoked sausage) of the season for breakfast on Saturday. Boy have I missed that!