Tuesday, November 03, 2009

She's Got More Guts Than I Ever Will.

See what I miss when I take a day off ?
Last Friday at the office the PTB's as usual allowed dress up for Halloween.
Bestus gal pal down here won for the above.
She is one of three best friends I have...one on each coast and her holding down the local union jobbie.
Does Aunty Pol dress up ?
Lets see which disguise I might have chosen had I been so inclined :
1. The person who greets the new/current immigration client with no fear of the migraine that their abundant nasty ass florid incense style fragrance formerly triggered.
2. The person that happily allows and encourages the staff princess's and resident biotch's passive aggressive behavior cause it's just so darn cuuuuuutte.
3. The person who understands with compassion the emergency situation that you , poor baby find your self in because you were just too busy to pull your head out of your ass.
4. The person who sincerely gives more than one shit about you , your life, your worries, your picks for " Dancing with the Survivor who became America's Next Top Model and who's honeymoon was an Amazing Race.
Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

And your gal pal looks awesome!!

purplegirl said...

You make me laugh. :)