Monday, December 07, 2009

The Aftermath or Holy Shit ! It Snowed In Houston 2009

As I have previously stated, the reaction to the weather had been pretty comical.
We get a tad edgy about hurricanes like Ike and Rita...but we've been through them and know that after the Specs and Kroger run that we are all going to be fine.
The threat of Snow ??????????

Oh Holy Fuck, the world is coming to an absolute and complete end.
Remember in the newest " Star Trek " movie...where Eric Bana's character Nero creates a black hole to destroy Vulcan ?
Yep..that was mild by comparison.
I was grateful that the PTB's where I work closed the office at noon, even if I did in fact get screwed out of some time. They said that they would pay all of us I believe 4 1.2 hours..or until 4: 30 .....I work till 6 pm.
Do the math.
Considering that I have usually been the last Mohican...I know how I sound. I didn't want to wait 6 hours for SU...his office did not close I rode to the Metro lot and got a lift with a friend.
But still....
You see...I use the time I have annually on the books to pay Unca Sammy.
Oh well....
On the bright side.....
I am a cruel mommy .
Because of the number of trees and the density of the canopy....there was no snow in the front yard.
The back is another story.
Remember that Sgt. Panda Pants does not use the boxes inside.
But he is really a very good boy and we try to remember to be consistent in our hours and arrival times at home .
The patio looked normal so outsie boutskie he goes .
Then a paw hit the snow.
He went straight up in the air the way that they do when they are 6 weeks old.
The WTF Over look be gave me was priceless.
He did not touch the earth till he hit carpet.
And of course the digital needed a battery charge.
You know it did.
The rest of the weekend was uneventful save for another round of ICU for the Momma.
She is home now .
It Is What It Is Till It Ain't.
When we got home I realized that Sgt. Panda Pants had been in for a while so he would do well to go out.
He was resisting that for all it was worth.
Me being smarter than the average bear knew how to get his happy ass out the door.
Give him his monthly advantage.
He hates that.
He will go through the door to get outside.
I will wait until he is through pouting in his cat house .
Bribes won't get him in when he is in this mood.
Wet food...temptations....fergit it.
But ...I can wait him out.
I am the Mommy and I have the opposible thumbs.
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, great pic and an even better description! Poor Andy! How long did it take to get him back in Cruella?

Sorry to hear about mom. Keepin' you all in my prayers, honey!