Wednesday, December 02, 2009

~OMG ~ It's A Real Show ~ Steven Seagal - Lawman ~!

Dear A & E ,

I understand the need to stay current with your viewership, given that cable has made vast in roads over the last ten years.

I understand that many watch television on their computers.

I will own up to being a fan of " Gene Simmons Family Jewels."

Guilty as charged.

But this ?

Really ?

Why ?

Oh for who started out as the " Arts and Entertainment " channel.

This is Art ?

This is Entertainment ?

Really ?


Aunty Pol

P.S. Oh hell yeah I'm gonna check it out..just for the LOL factor...with an adult bev. natch .


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I loved that!!
I admit to the Real Housewives, which is like watching a train wreck. All plastic all the time!

Aunty Pol said...

Hi Mary,

Thanks for dropping in.

I am the first one to admit to being a TV junkie believe me. Don't call me on Wednesday..I was watching Dynasty. You name it...Heroe's, Castle, Numbers, NCIS ( Both) , Bones, Fringe, Smallville, CSI ( all 3) , Robin Hood, Top Chef, Project Runway , Tabitha's Salon takeover...ALL Real Wives....and anything on the SCIFI Channel.

The irony of this show is that when he started SS was a babe.Remember the first one where he wa a cook in the Navy .." Under Siege"?....I married a former Navy cook..there I am shooting glances...SS...SU...SS...SU...( Why Lordy ...why..j/k Honey..)

As his waist blew up along with his credibility...I still suckered into " Executive Descision " with a gal pal...his screen time....10 min. max.

My issue is that he cannot really expect anyone to believe that he is a legitimate peace officer, even in NOLA ( one of our favorite cities) with ties to organized crime.

I mean come on....yes Bobby Sherman ( yes, I am that OLD) became an fan fare...he just did it. The dude that played Eddie Haskell became a real cop....

It's the air of pseudo sincerety and modesty that just makes me laugh my ass off.

Take Care


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, Aunty, you crack me up... you said it.

And yeah, I remember Under Seige... triple feature - a svelt Segal, Tommy Lee Jones ('nuff said), and a perfectly comic Gary Busey (remember the Buddy Holly Story?). But I digress. ;-)

PS- *sigh* on the balls. But it's too late to take it back now.

In case you didn't read my later comment, no need for angst. :-) Both kitchens are bare bones galley style with ancient appliances.

The one upstairs is an "on the cheap" addition so the former owner's mom didn't have to go up and down stairs (she was 103 when she passed away). Few cabinets and no counter space, 24" stove and a re-porcelined sink... that is losing the "re."

The house was built "East Baltimore" style with the kitchen in the basement. In 1950. Stove, sink, fridge - not much cabinet space and no counter space down there either. Although in the basement there's enough room to use a table for prep.

OK, the stove in the basement is awesome (huge, burner w/sensor that lets you set a temperature, broiler from heaven), but I have to turn the burner knob stems with a pair of plyers because the knobs long ago cracked and there are NO replacements. Anywhere. Lord knows I've searched the intertubes... and the "universals" don't fit - I've ordered them all.

Have I mentioned I love cooking? Have I mentioned I have hated doing it in this house?