Thursday, December 17, 2009


No....Pol didn't die, run off to join the circus, win the lottery or anything so fun and fabulous that she blew off the blog.
SU just whiz banged the better part of a box of cornstarch all over the clean kitchen floor.
We both laughed till damn near tears.
Baroooo ?
At this point this is funny.
CE, BT , Miss L , Nee Nee , Sistah of my heart and Double O Mullet know what has been going on this year.
His Mother.
All mutha lovin year long.
And now this.
Pearl the Wonder Car.
Tuesday morning we got in the chariot to leave for spark.
Lights and indicators came on so we know we have battery...but that's about it.
Roll Pearl back towards the driveway.....check.
Call wrecker service......check.
Call local garage we've used before.....check.
Call our jobs....check.....
I got to write a check with a comma for the following :
Crankshaft position sensor.
Balance shaft belt.
A/C belt.
Valve cover gasket set .
Timing idler pulley .
Balance shaft pulley.
Tension pulley .
Oil. ( duh ) .
Oil filter - see above .
Shop supplies.
Yes, I'd gotten my Christmas Bonus.
That goes to pay the property taxes and HOA every year..
So , there we are.
Bend over, here it comes....again.
I'd forgotten that I had a boatload of PTO on the books.
I didn't know I could zero that out this early.
There was another option I could do.
To ask for help was for me such a complete humiliation, I lost it.
I will help anyone I can.
SU will.
We are not used to being that other person.
To to be the one who had to ask help of others damn'd near killed me.
But I asked.
I will do what I need to take care of my family and house.
Someone showed me kindness in such an unexpected fashion that I doubt they will ever know what it meant to me and us.
Therefore, at the end of the week , when we can breathe...cornstarch bombs are effin hilarious.
Never fear...a new BOTD will be posted tomorrow.
Aunty Pol

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