Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~

Before I begin the usual Friday shenanigans...
Please ladies and SU....take a moment to keep a good thought for Walter and Ira from IBKC.
Miss Laurie ( I hope I spelled that right sweetie) has been posting about her two latest fosters who are teeth achingly cute. They are still at the Vet as far as I know and these itty bittys need to get mo bedder so they can experience the rapture that is know as loving from Miss Charlene Butterbean.
I believe that 99.9 % of the Christmas cards are done and in the mail. I used to be like my mother and really anal ( who knew ) about the whole card magilla.
Hell, Mother had the address books in volumes from years as a Navy wife that were so detailed that it had check mark places for who sent, who replied and the year.
Sorry Mom....F Dat....I has a job.
The last few years since Daddy died have left me less motivated than before for all of this crap .
Ask SU....I used to decorate the BeJeebus out of the living room and dining room. After the last remodel, we had to scale it back a bit as a lot of the prior stuff ( pine garland wrapped with wired ribbon and beaded garland...but tasteful mind you ) no longer worked with the new curtains....but other stuff stayed. By this point , the tree would have been up for a week or know.
This year with one thing and another, again between time and motivation....not so much.
Angels sang.
Someone came up with an actual " Charlie Brown " Christmas tree for sale....found at Walgreens BTW.
Peanuts has a special place in our family lore.
Daddy especially loved that particular show...along with Jose Feliciano's " Feliz Navidad ....weird but true.
Anyhoo..I have the tree .
I did the cards.
Pearl is home.
I won't say all is well in my world , but it is a whole lot better tonight.
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Peace, sweetie! And hugs. Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth. Nothing horrible, but nothing good, either. Will fill you in later.

Tomorrow, a lift... My Name Is Bruce on SyFy. (I still groan every time I type that.)