Monday, December 21, 2009

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!

Happy Monday people !
This is the last Monday of the year for me...yeah ME !
" I'm Tired"
It's been a long year.
It's been a hard year.
Friends and loved ones, extended families have lost family..

I sound like the voice over for the Babylon 5 intro in my head now.
Have a great week, a wonderful holiday and or time off and be careful.
I will be posting silly stuff this week from here and at home ...while cursing Mafia Wars which will still not open BTW CE and I am pissed off.
Mutter Mutter Grumble Grumble....
Aunty Pol

1 comment:

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Funny, I sorta was picturing you in the Madeline Kahn, "I'm so tired" get up!! ;-)

Thanks for the virtual hug, hon! Words did help... writing and reading!

More soon!