Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's To All !!!

No Darlins....Aunty Pol did not fall off the face of the only seems so .

On Sunday, the square headed boy/girl friend had a hiccup and decided that we with the oppossible thumbs were not to be allowed any access to the innertubes.


Nada .

ZERO !!!

For the most part I am " Whatevs."

I have many other thingys to do while on staycation which for the most part were realized....whooo hooo for re-organizing the pantry from HELL !!!!

I can now find stuffs.


SU had a shit fit and then some about the 'puter.




All day.

All afternoon.

All night.

On our wedding anniversary no less.

Were steaks ( good ones too) , salad and yummies consumed ?


Did I stay the hell out of his way ?

You betcha.

Did SU apologize ?

Yes Indeed ~ In writing.

Was the writing bit his idea ?

Yes Ma'am.

A call to Comcast and a really nice guy started the road to recovery. SU did the rest and I stayed the hell out of the way so other than sound we are back.

No sound is no biggie to me right now other than this will be a pain in the ass if I want to watch anything on Fancast but on the other hand , I won't have to listen to the silly ass Farmville song either.

Other than that, Christmas was very quiet at the sister in change for MIL...but it is what it is till it ain't so there ya go.

The youngest brother spent Christmas Eve and part of the day with us which was nice since I never have my side of the family around for the holidays and it was the first Christmas we'd spent together since our mother passed away in 1981.

We get along rather well now having agreed to not argue or push each others buttons as siblings will do .

It also helps that he is friggan hilarious and gets along really well with the SU and kittys, being a kitty dad hisself.

So other than all of that , It's New Years Eve people .

I still have today and tomorrow off from the work bit and am happy as a clam at home. Stuff has gotten done within I haven't done the usual and just busted ass till I cannot walk much less straighten out the bad back I am blessed with .

I found Grandma Engwall's Oatmeal Raisin cookie recipe which has eluded me for ages and whipped up a batch or 2. Of all of my recipes , this one is the one I vividly recall from childhood and while mine will never be as uniform as Mom's, they still are just as good and SU will see why it's this recipe and Brer Rabbit Molasses or nuthin by Gawd.

There is an all day Burn Notice marathon today so I get out Bruce fix Miss Lisa.....wheeee.

Be Safe and Secure tonight ...cause I want to see all of you around to infinity and beyond.



Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

ROFL!! You are too much, Aunty!!

Yepper, I got my Bruce fix, too!! Same time, same station! Spent a lazy day with the kitthes and promised myself to redouble my efforts to get that sassy Percy adopted SOON!! With work, I've been lax since Dad was here in late Oct... *sigh* (Although Percy has been great for getting the adults socialized, so I guess there's a silver lining.)

And double dang you, woman!! A super awesome Oatmeal Rasin Cookie recipie just when I swore I'd take better care of myself?? (You know, trying to lose that lemon head on an orange look...) It would have to be a vetted formula for my absolutely all time favorite sweet, wouldn't it?? Double dang you!!

Hugs and peace in the New Year!

Aunty Pol said...

Thank you darlin...We or I should say he has been verklepmptf with the PC me here..Capt. Pissy Pants..