Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Twenty Nine Years ~ WOW !

I remember where I was when I heard the news.
I remember being stunned and feeling sick .
I am sure that most of our generation remembers where we were much the same way our parents recall the day that President Kennedy died.
Six months later my mother died at the age of 52 .
Because of certain issues right now at home, it hit me even harder as I listened to the radio station play his music.
I was far too young to lose my mother .
He was far too young to be murdered.
These thoughts crossed my mind as I listened to the song, thinking to myself...
" Gee...Yoko's voice isn't really all THAT BAD on the refrain..."
Then I considered that I just might need to rethink the lack of Bailey's in the morning commuter mug of coffee.
I am sure there is a self help for me....I can't be alone in this.
" Brain Dead Now ? Ask Me How ."
Anybody got the directions ?
Cab Fare ?
Aunty Pol

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