Friday, April 11, 2014

Another Winner From Smitten Kitchen

I am just gonna have to go and buy her cookbook.
 check this out.

I love the idea of using extra melted chocolate and sweet coconut for this .

It seems that since I have every Sunday to putter about since hisself is either golfing or with the motley crew, I might as well take advantage of this free time to start baking again. I didn't really do any of it for the last year like I did before because of renovations , out of town trips and the fact that there is a certain point here on the Gulf Coast where the very idea of using the oven at all is hell no...well, I just didn't.

I've started it up again recently and I am amazed at how much I missed baking. Some folks like my husband like to bake early in the day and more often than not I have woken up to one of his baking binges on a ..I need coffee and paper and time to gather my thoughts . My day schedule as far as other things will depend on what I am baking . For example..if it's a bundt cake , I have time to process a load of laundry and hoover while it is in the oven. Quick bread..same thing. Cupcakes..pick up the clutter or start a load of wash or bring the basket in to fold. Or maybe set or move  a sprinkler..nothing I can't break away from. But cupcakes = time for one of the above, not all. Cookies..forget it . they don't take as long since I rotate 3 sheets at a time but it's a fast process once they are prepped.

If they are ready, this weekend is more banana bread..

One thing occurs to me.

I think I'd better check the pantry.

I have no idea what he has used all of or what is left.


Aunty Pol