Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Mother Nature Is Having A Hissy Fit !

They said that the weather was going to change and they were not kidding.

Of course when I was off last week for my birthday ( it's a birth week and not a birthday and because I can ) the weather was less than stellar. On the one hand this gave me no excuse not to get some stuff done that I wanted to ( what ..me not have a plan so that I can over schedule myself...hahahahaha...yeah , right .) so I did get some of the inside stuff done but it really shortened the window to plant stuff.

I know that I pushed it but it seems like Easter is so late this year that I was having a fit. We lost almost all of the potted plants on the deck because of the unusual freezing temperatures and there is a certain point where I cannot bear to look at the debris one minute longer. Now , I did wait a bit because there just wasn't a whole lot to choose from a few weeks ago but I did manage to get some stuff and finally finished it up last night...sorted, potted and mulched. I do have some pots left but they can wait until closer to Easter when the selection open up. Of course everyone  else will be at the nursery but I've gotten a head start and only managed to lose one glove this  year.

I did manage to soldier through Wallyworld  with Southside Johnny on Friday to get some stuff which was fun because we did it after lunch and Wallyworld is always better after adult beverages. Anyone who knows me knows my tolerance for the emporium so this is almost the only way that my happy ass will cross that threshold. The purpose of this jaunt was simple. Every damn year I wait to long to buy new solar lights for the back yard and by the time that I actually slap myself over it all, they are all gone.I refuse to make the same mistake that I did years ago by over paying at Lowes for a beautiful ( $$$ bazinga) copper set which did not last more than one year , thank you lawn dudes...And then again I had to get new chair cushions for the deck furniture, WTF I was there already and odds and ends so in the end once again I impressed the youngest brother with my commando shopping skills....I gotz skillz y'all.

Other than that , not a whole lot else went on..hubby got me the entire BSG series on blue ray so I am a most happy camper. 

And I am back to work and it is the usual mayhem a week before the tax deadline but bam bitch !

Ours are sent off and the CPA is paid for .

Go us !

Have a good one.

Aunty Pol