Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Just when I think that things are getting better with the allergies..............KAPOW !!!!!!!!!!

I never used to  pay any real attention to the issue because I have been plagued by sinus issues since I was a child and discovered that the Forsythia that grew rampant on Hunters Point base in San Francisco was in fact not my pretty friend , it was my arch nemesis. This of course mattered to my parents as they were both of the opinion and generation who assumed that " She will grow out of it." .In all fairness and hindsight , my headaches were probably nothing compared to their " morning after " angst.

So I learned to ignore them.

When the folks finally realized that their oldest kid was horribly nearsighted after a teachers intervention, it was again assumed that the cause of the headaches was eyestrain and for the most part, this was largely true.

When the sinuses got bad I took what ever over the counter was in the house, God forbid I pinch one of Mothers RX Ornade provided by her brother the doctor..until AMA rules began to tighten up on RX via USPS.

AS I got older, I coped as best I could and ignored the rest because it seemed silly to make much of a fuss over it, by this time I was also a smoker and so some of the problem was ( I was certain ) self induced.

I managed it for years quite nicely but this last year , it seems like it's taken over my life again. Last night I was crashed out by 8 pm and Gordy call simply tell by the look on my face how the day went. Co-workers are also miserable right now with the elevated grass and tree pollen so we all nod at each other as we sneeze and hack our ways though the day.

I am determined not to let this rule my life, I am fighting back with meds and an acute awareness of what I can and cannot tolerate .

I will have my deck time and be out in the garden this weekend, it's only going to be in the 80's which for the Gulf Coast is a miracle.

It's Spring Damn It and I am going to enjoy the hell out of it..even it it kills me.

Have a great weekend .

Aunty Pol