Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Friday ~Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Happy Friday and Good Friday Y'all.

I am hopeful that I may have turned a corner on the allergy issue...knock on wood/head.

Over the last few MONTHS, I have suffered with the worst allergy flare up that I can ever remember . Pollen is every damn where down here in south Texas and it has frankly kicked my voluptuous ass.

I have a new respect for anyone that suffers from a chronic illness. I really , sincerely mean that .

Chronic pain , I get. That is a part of my daily life with polio.

But feeling f'd up and puny every day ?

Not so much.

Until now .

Some days it is so bad, I sleep on the way home, clean my face and teeth and by 7:45 pm or so I am in bed..........sound asleep. Those are the days when it is the worst and the only thing that gets me through my day at work is the promise of sleep when I get home.

I am taking meds and I try not to take  them unless I need them because I really don't want to build up a tolerance for them, I've been down that road and the Walgreens/Kroger knockoffs just don't cut it .

The ultimate irony is that this time last year , the only thing that got me  through the renovation was the simple idea that next year/now , I would be able to enjoy the deck that we finally have . Gordy built me some wonderful shelves and I decorated the deck with the metal birdcages that I have collected and the potted plants that I planted with love and sweat .

This year, it's been lovely...lovely yellow green with pollen.


I am hopeful that I can get out there later today and enjoy it a bit since it seems less greener than

Mama has a raging case of cabin fever but if it gets bad, there is plenty of housework that I can's a glam life your Aunty lives..yes indeedy.

Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Easter if you celebrate it.


Aunty Pol