Thursday, April 02, 2009

Boundries,,,Oh Yeah,,This Again

First of all...
Spouse, this is not about you ....m'kay ?
I have been feeling very overloaded the last few months.
I look around the house, I look around my life and I see nothing but verbal diarrhea.
I have let shit slide to the side that I' d have never done before .
This is not my way .
I feel like I can't catch a break, my breath or a moment right now.
My boundaries are down and I am drowning .
Sweetie, again...this is not you .
It is me.
All I can do is call it another day , get up and move on.
We are fine..........tho.....if you continue to not clean the counter top and counters after you cook.....I will kill you dead.
Why do you not See this pisses me off and makes more work ? will all work out.
And I am still working through my stuff , so please , Sweet baby Jesus not not harp....back the f up .
Aunty Pol
Edit: Okay...I was in one of those bummed out moods , it is not all that everyone and I mean EVERYONE calm down....really.

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