Saturday, April 18, 2009

This Is Just Sooo Wrong In Sooo Many Ways

There are a number of blogs that I follow , usually sarcastic, witty writing, things that amuse me, cat blogs ( Oh Do Shut It) or food blogs .
The above is from a favorite blog..." Hello Kitty Hell" , which never fails to make me snort the beverage at hand, usually water or coffee. And yes, I have been known to have a dark beer, but I prefer not as it's a case of renting the beer..thank you Nana for the inherited bladder capacity - NOT !
The above is just wrong in so many ways that it makes the head spin. I hesitate to think what Hisself would do if I came tripping home from the local liquor locker with the above. Becks usually produces a fine product , aside from the fact that it like all of the other beer imported to the US is ruined...At least we KNOW where Shiner is made, thank you very much. I wouldn't even cook with the above mentioned HK swill....
Dr. Momma update:
He is feeling better , and now a tad cranky as the nerves are beginning to wake up and kick his ass. I have tried to tell him that this is to be expected...He's got the lower plate in and I am going to bake him a tater..I Gothic of me...but it will cook evenly for him and I don't care how much he can handle. Soup wears thin after a bit so we are trying to maintain a variety in options.
The storms continue, the water is up over the curb and into the yards at this point. I am grateful that we don't need to go anywhere in this muck, tho Senor Panda Pants is very pissed that he is trapped inside. When it is dry enough , I will let him out and go and hunt down the yard shoes that floated off the patio...ah..the Glam life we live....LMAO .
Have a safe weekend .
Aunty Pol

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