Friday, April 17, 2009

Dr. Momma - Pt. 3

Hisseslf is better today, sleeping for most of the day which is fine. Soup twice, juice, tea, sherbet and a chocolate milkshake have all stayed where they should so it is all good.

Of course his back is all achy from being in the rack and he still gets a bit dizzy if he gets up too soon.....and he has had the lower plate in for a bit but it's still baby steps as the tissue is still way the hell swollen....oh how well I remember those days. I think he'd be happier of he didn't have to wait for the next surgery on know the get this the hell over routine and while a part of me gets that....I know that the body can only take so much....

Speaking of....It's scary when Aunt Pol here is the healthiest of her chums and partners in crime...

Let's see...Best friend has an abdominal hernia which is going to be a biotch and then some. Like yours truly, she had worked herself up pretty good...hell yeah I would have worried about it being a tumor too....don't lie...that kind of thing crosses your mind when you hit a certain age...oh you know it does..

NG, JZ has bruised her kidneys and ribs from a rather nasty spill so the other NG...CD and I are in the sort of checking two sofa's mode..

As for me....I am about to climb the friggan walls.

Other than checking on hisself , there isn't a lot for me to do right now. I took a few days pre-op to really clean the Casa when he was at work and that helped keep the noise down so he can rest...but it's been raining sideways and so I can't work in the yard . That may be for the best as I can see myself really wearing myself out checking on him...running to the garden..him/garden....yada yada yada.

I am n0t really sleeping well because it is in my nature to want to fix something, especially if it involves someone I love and they need fixing.....I fret really well.

I am going to watch some Fancast and crash.

Oh...CSI Alert...Seriously. If you missed it ( Silly Carbon Based Life Form)....go to Fancast and watch last nights epp. Cameo's by:

Grace Park
Ron Moore
Roger Berman
Kate Vernon

SERIOUS....Check it the F out peeps .

Have a great weekend.


Dr. Aunty Pol

EDIT : Oh Lordy..I finished this at 10:15 p.m...It's now 1 a.m. but on the upside 4 epps of " Brisco County AND Bonus..I'd forgotten the R. Lee Emory (sp- hey it's late , m'kay) played Brisco County , Sr....SQUEEEEEEEEE !

Nite all.

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