Monday, April 06, 2009


I couldn't help it.

Alas and alack , it's true..there was no birthday cake for the old gal here. There was however, courtesy of the NG's ...warm...out of the oven warm white chocolate macadamia nut cookies...bliss...pure bliss.

All in all it was a lovely birthday.

One surprise was a call from my Aunt and Uncle in Mpls...oops...edit...edit...Chaska..LOL.

D & V have lived on Gaywood drive for so long that I think that the address is tattooed on back of my head. It was wonderful to hear from them and I do truly think the world and all of them but when the usual " And the kids are doing ...blah de blah blah blah...I tend to zone out . I know how wretched that sounds...but...let's be honest here. As far as my mothers side of the family was concerned..we were the outsiders. Forget the fact that Mom was the eldest, or that I am the oldest Grandchild for that matter...we left the frozen wasteland....hell...we never really lived there except for 1968. There was and is no commonality of topics or shared moments between us...we are not better or worse than each other , just different . Families do that . It doesn't mean that you don't care, it's just important to be honest about the differences too . I am certain that if you ask them, and they were being honest, they would say the same thing. Being close in a family only really works if you maintain constant contact...even via phone. If you try to force it or create the illusion, everyone loses . I know as little of them as they know of me...and for me that's okay . I am certain that they are all lovely people, but if I don't get invited to the next tea party/clam bake/what evs...I'm just okey dokey with that too.

It really hit home in 1993 when GE died, and now after all this time I am fine with it. We all have different experiences . I doubt they'd last three days here in Houston...and I can safely say the same if I had to live up there....cause gang...with my luck it would be the middle of winter.

All together now....." Not only NO...but HELL NO." was nice to have that bit of conversation.

Other than that..well...let's see...the youngest brother got hisself a jobbie, not the one that we sort of hammered the resume out for but what todays world..take the jobbie dude...and at the age of 49 , he is finally getting that . To be fair tho, he was at the last company for 10 years in marketing...and if you knew him you'd know what a gifted Artiste he can be......and I'm not talking painting here.

We didn't go out for the din din thing since we agreed that there is no sense at all spending the money for my birthday or his next month on a meal that he really cannot at the moment enjoy. In a few months when things sort themselves out..oh hella yeah.

And then of course there is the every 6 years trek to the DPS .

As my luck goes , the birthday falls around the beginning of the Shell Open...If you read that bit and go..."WTF" , either you are clueless about goof or have linked over here in some inter dimensional way that scares the crap out of me so please don't slam the door on the way out..thank you.....tip the waitress on the way. always...always rains on certain occasions here in H town. The HLSR ( for the tourists..the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo) parade and generally the time that the rodeo is open...the Shelll Open is the same way.

There I am..Golfsmith umbrella in line 45 minutes before the doors open and I am 15'th in line. To be honest, some of the line was made up of friends, family etc of the folks who actually had a valid need to be MOI. I left the entourage at home tho.

Forty five minutes to wait for a process that took up ten. The kicker was the look on the clerks face as I said a polite and sincere good morning. My honest reply was that it costs nothing to be pleasant ...and from the looks of the crowd..the gals were gonna need it. I didn't know that there are only so many time slots and examiners for road tests..and I gotta tell matter how bad my day could have was no where near as bad as the lil gal who stood in line from 6 a . m. to 8 a.m. only to be told that there were no more slots to be had that particular day .

I really, really felt bad for her. sum up..great birthday. Got to indulge my fan girl -iness with an epic run of " Witchblade" on the DRV....I waited forever for that to be released.

Now if they'd just do " Peacemakers".

Tom Berenger and ponies....nuff said.

Got the do done..hee hee...short ( ala Zoe Wanamaker as Madame Hooch in Harry Potter ) and back to dark red...really dark....Sharon Osbourne dark....I am a happy old broad.

Have a great week and happy Easter...remember..chocolate is a terrible thing to go for it.


Aunty Pol

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